Ahh Fall, time to bring out the coats

Hey hey hey! One great things about fall are the laying and coats that I now get to pull out of the closet and wear.  I love coats because they really complete the outfit and I think make you look very put together.  I am going to share the coats that I am so excited to pull out of my closet, and some that I have recently bought.

Trench Coat-

For the first year I worked my office job I did not really think I needed to have any professional coats.  I was just wearing my normal rain coat and going into work, which is fine just looks a little odd.  So last spring, I decided to look into getting a trench coat.  I did not one that looked ordinary or like half the world owned.  So I knew I did not want to get a trench coat in tan, too normal.  I found this trench, I bought it in navy because I see navy as a neutral color that is not as dark as black (although it is not available in navy).

img_20161009_173804_editedI love this coat, it looks so good buttoned up but also looks amazing when worn open.  This coat has great versatility in my wardrobe and can be worn with any color.  As seen in the picture on the left I have worn this was a green work dress and think it looks great.  I am so happy that I bought it in navy because navy works with so many colors but you can see see all the details.  You can see all the buttons around the waist as well as this has great pockets.  One of the best surprises I had when I got this was the inside liner is so awesome.  It has this great cream background, and the outlines of high heels, tall boots, purses, hearts and clutches on the inside.  This is by far my favorite liner of any coat I have ever owned.

Leather Jackets-

I have always wanted a leather coat they are just so expensive in real life and I have never been able to afford it.  Recently I came into some extra money and I decided to spend some of it on a leather coat.  Now I actually did not want either of these but the one I wanted was sold out so I looked around.  I could not decide between the above and my friends were no help, they were fairly evenly divided between the two.  So I was leaning toward the burgundy but my issue was how long will this color be in style?  Obviously I have this fall but I want more usage then just one season.  So my second option was this black moto one (sorry currently appears to be sold out, will link if it comes back), that has more of a classic leather coat feel.

img_20160923_194623_editedMoral of the story I bought both and I am really happy about it.  They are very different leather jackets, the red one is loser and less fitted while the black one is very fitted.  I sized up for both, black one because it was advised to and the red one because I want to wear sweaters underneath it.  Have not had a lot of opportunities to wear the leather jackets but I think they will be a great accent to my wardrobe.  I cannot wait to wear the black one when I go to the bars and I cannot wait to wear the burgundy one when I go out to dinner with friends (maybe a date but I’ll be real probably not haha).

I was waiting to do this post because I am still looking for a utility like coat but decided I wanted to get the post out there, if I happen to buy a utility coat I will blog about it then.  I have have not found one that I like and am willing to spend money on.

Anyways let me know your thoughts,


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