Pockets, why can’t I have them too?

Hello World!  So this past week my friend sent me an article about imitation pockets being put in women’s clothing for the look of pockets without the actual pocket.  This really made me think about pockets and my clothing, and how annoying it can be to not have them.  So I am asking the question to the fashion industry and women’s clothing, why can’t I have pockets in more of my clothes?


This is my closet, please ignore that its a mess (its always like this), and most of the dresses and skirts on the left do not have pockets.  This fact is always so depressing because why can’t they just put pockets in these clothes?

Women’s clothing is so frustrating.  A lot of clothing that is produced just does not have pockets for whatever reason.  Even clothing that for men normally has pockets does not for women.  Dress pants shopping is the most frustrating because all the pockets are fake, sown shut or are so small nothing can fit in them. I refuse to buy dress pants of any kind if they do not have adequate front pockets, because fair is fair men get pockets so women should get pockets.  And yes this does mean that it takes forever to find pants but I am okay with that so I can get what I want.

Dresses and skirts will also make it look like there are pockets in the garment but really its just a lie.  I understand that some style of dresses/ skirts make it hard to fit pockets in and I get why there are no pockets in these.  But there are plenty of dresses that could have pockets and choose not to sew them in.  I own a lot of shift and fit and flare dresses that do not have pockets but these are the style of dresses that pockets would be perfect for.

I want pockets because when I am walking, be it on the street or in the office, I love to put my hands in my pockets. Maybe I am just odd but without them I feel like my hands have no where to go.  So when I am shopping or reading a description online, the minute I figure out there are pockets I am so much more likely to purchase it then if it didn’t. I will specifically not purchase

I try to support the fashion designers/ retailers that put pockets in their clothes so that they will produce more clothing with pockets.  Now I am just one person but if you all want pockets I suggest making a point about buying clothing with pockets and hopefully we can get the fashion industry to start putting pockets in more of our clothing.  (Well that was a little political speechy but I do want pockets in any dress/ skirt that I can have them in).

The pics are of some of my favorite dresses and skirts that have pockets.  The blue one I bought specifically because of the pockets, most of my casual dress do not have pockets and this one is a perfect casual dress with pockets.  The Red skirt has amazing pockets that are big and usable (I can fit my phone in them) and the pleats cover up the stuff in the pockets.  I loved this skirt so much I bought it in another color.  The same goes for the black dress,  I loved it so much and it has pockets I bought it in red as well.

3 thoughts on “Pockets, why can’t I have them too?

  1. I definitely agree with this, more women’s clothing need pockets. I get especially excited when I find dresses with pockets. The world is money hungry though, so they omit pockets from women’s clothing so they will buy more bags.


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