When in doubt go with Black & White

Hello Hello Hello!  So I have been noticing that my go to going out outfit is usually some variation of black and white. I am not upset about this at all.  Black and white is a classic look and when I am in a time crunch or feeling a little lazy I tend to fall back on this.  I think that it is a great option to keep in mind, I think my outfits all look good and flattering.

This works well because black is a flattering color, it kind of hides imperfections. White does the opposite but I usually wear a white top or accent piece.  I wear white on top because I like my torso, and white tops work really well on me.  I would probably never wear white pants/ bottoms because those would make my thighs look huge, unlike black pants.

Black skinny jeans are my best friend when going out, you are able to pair them with any color of tops.  (Even black to give off that edgier vibe).  I have been pairing them with white tops, which I have stocked my wardrobe with this summer.  Typically when I wear the tight skinny jeans I will wear a loose top like the middle one.  So the outside ones are kind of an anomaly, they are actually the same shirt and have a unlined lace back which I love.


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