New Booties

Hello world!  I know it is sad that summer will soon be coming to an end but on the bright side that means boots and sweater season is almost here. Booties were all the rage last year and I believe that trend will continue this year.  I will have a blog about how I wear booties and advice to you guys coming up soon.  I just wanted to share quickly this great pair of new booties that are so comfortable and affordable.  They also come in 4 colors!!


So some days I feel like Amazon knows me too well, these shoes came up on my recommendations and they are so cute.  I originally bought them in black for my friend for their birthday and while they were shipping I decided that I needed them in my wardrobe as well. I am so happy I did, they are so comfortable (maybe the most comfortable heels I have worn).  I wore them to work when I got them, and I am happy to say no blisters.  I was also able to wear them out all night (lots of dancing) and my feet barely hurt.

These work for work and casual/ night out because the heel is only 3 inches and they are a subtle stylish sexy shoe.  They are great in the summer worn to work with capris or cigarette pants, something that will end a little above the strap of the shoe.  Out to the bar I have worn these with my leather shorts.  Casually I wear them with a tight midi dress or with jeans cuffed to expose the ankle.

Now the questions is you are short aren’t you supposed to avoid a strap at the ankle?  Typically yes, wearing an ankle strap shoe when you are short cuts your leg and makes your leg look shorter.  In this case I bought the nude color so the effect is lessened and when I wear them my legs do not look like they are cut at the ankle.

These are a great additional to my boots selection because while I do have a lot of boots I do not have any that are open toed or have the cut out pattern like these.   I will wear these more often as fall closes in on us.

Oh my friend also really loved them and had a whole conversation with me about how she wore them out to the bar for the first time and got no blisters.  She said that the black made her feel badass.

Let me know what you think.


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