Leather Shorts? I think so!

Hello World!  So about a month I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a pair of leather shorts (in reality pleather I’m not made of money haha).  Then a few weeks after I had this thought magically one of the boutiques I follow on Instagram posted a pair of pleather shorts with an elastic waist band and at this point I was like I think I need to buy.


Ah these pleather shorts are just my style.

They have a great elastic waist, and pockets on the side that were a great surprise.  Also down the side of the shorts are these studded diamonds that are raised and add some texture to the shorts.  I bought these for a fun edgier look to my wardrobe in the summer.  In looking at my summer wardrobe it was looking very girlie (which is not an issue but I wanted something edgier).  These are great bar attire, which is what I have been wearing them to.  I love that they add that edgy flare to my otherwise girly tops.

So far these are my outfits that I have worn out so far, love them.  I always tuck in my shits so that the shorts are the highlight of the outfit.  Wearing the shorts with a loose shirt like the one on the left highlights my waist.  I love the white shirt outfit, when I was wearing this all I could think about was the song Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (which is one of my favorites).

Honesty moment here-one- they are not very breathable (their pleather duh) so be very cautious about the temperature when you wear them.  Two – the inside of them do smell a little and they do need to be aired out.



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