These workout pants are amazing

Hello Hello Hello! I don’t know about you guys but I workout all the time. Workout pants that are great for a workout, comfortable and fit well are hard to find.  I really like workout pants with a thick waist band (to avoid getting love handles), high-waisted (to avoid love handles again), fabric that will wick sweat away, and if long pants I love mesh inserts.

Workout clothing is so expensive, Nike, Adidas and Under Armour will all set you back a pretty penny for a good pair of work out pants.  I have found a workout pants from a brand that I really like and can find great deals on, Reebok.

Eeek!! These pants make me so happy! I was having a really bad day today and these were delivered and changed my mood around.  These pants are so comfortable and I love the mesh inserts.  Now I would have recommended them without even working out in them but thought I should at least try them out at the activity they were meant for. I loved them so much that I wore long black pants to the gym (which I walk to) on an 80 degree day, I really did not want to take them off.  They are so comfy and have so much stretch that I actually really like to wear them.   Recommendation to order a size down, these seem to run a little large, I usually wear a size small but bought an x-small.

Sorry some of them are dark against my hard-wood floors they are a navy blue pant and a dark grey.  The ones on the right are the first Reebok pants I bought early last year at a Reebok outlet by my parents house and these pants convinced me to continue to try Reebok pants.  I love these pants they are my favorite pair of workout pants, especially in the summer.  I tried to find these pants so I could link them to you but I could not find them, nor a similar pair (feel free to look around the site).  The one of the left are here in black and middle here in a few colors.

I love them all, wear them all and recommend them all.  They are all more reasonably priced then some of the other brands out there.  Happy working out (haha I realize oxymoron).

Seriously though those top black pants – amazing.  I would buy them in more colors if they were available.


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