Booties!! Quick tips from a short girl.

Hello World!! Now exciting news its Boot Season!!  And living in the North, I love boot season. Last year ankle booties came into style, which they are so cute and I love them but as a short person did not think they worked for me. They tend to cut your leg and make you look shorter.  I decided to figure out ways to make them work for me.

Jeans-  Typically when I wear them with jeans I will cuff my jeans up so that there is a little bit of skin showing in between the top of the boot and the bottom of my leg.  I will also typically wear a top that I can tuck in front (or a crop top).  This works because it allows for your entire leg to be exposed in the skinny jean and tucking the shirt will bring your waist higher thus making your legs look as long as possible.  This is also the way that I typically wear ankles boots so I have the most examples of this.

Casually/ Business casual

Going out with friends

IMG_20160904_010446_editedShorts-  Shorts are much easier because once you pair them with heels of any kind your legs are out there and look longer.  So I will only wear my heeled ankle boots with shorts, if you wear flat ones it gives off a country vibe. As with the jeans I will tuck the top into the shorts.  I love this look for going out in the transition period from summer to fall.

I would also suggest a boot in a color that is closer to your skin tone.  This will minimize the color change from your leg to the boot and will cut up the leg less.


Dresses- I have not worn them with boots as much as the others but this is an outfit I love and  will wear again.  I think it works due to the waist of the dress hitting my natural waist and the dress is semi tight from there down.  This high lights my figure and gives the appearance of being taller then I am, even when combined with the booties.  I am all about looking as tall as possible.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Pockets, why can’t I have them too?

Hello World!  So this past week my friend sent me an article about imitation pockets being put in women’s clothing for the look of pockets without the actual pocket.  This really made me think about pockets and my clothing, and how annoying it can be to not have them.  So I am asking the question to the fashion industry and women’s clothing, why can’t I have pockets in more of my clothes?


This is my closet, please ignore that its a mess (its always like this), and most of the dresses and skirts on the left do not have pockets.  This fact is always so depressing because why can’t they just put pockets in these clothes?

Women’s clothing is so frustrating.  A lot of clothing that is produced just does not have pockets for whatever reason.  Even clothing that for men normally has pockets does not for women.  Dress pants shopping is the most frustrating because all the pockets are fake, sown shut or are so small nothing can fit in them. I refuse to buy dress pants of any kind if they do not have adequate front pockets, because fair is fair men get pockets so women should get pockets.  And yes this does mean that it takes forever to find pants but I am okay with that so I can get what I want.

Dresses and skirts will also make it look like there are pockets in the garment but really its just a lie.  I understand that some style of dresses/ skirts make it hard to fit pockets in and I get why there are no pockets in these.  But there are plenty of dresses that could have pockets and choose not to sew them in.  I own a lot of shift and fit and flare dresses that do not have pockets but these are the style of dresses that pockets would be perfect for.

I want pockets because when I am walking, be it on the street or in the office, I love to put my hands in my pockets. Maybe I am just odd but without them I feel like my hands have no where to go.  So when I am shopping or reading a description online, the minute I figure out there are pockets I am so much more likely to purchase it then if it didn’t. I will specifically not purchase

I try to support the fashion designers/ retailers that put pockets in their clothes so that they will produce more clothing with pockets.  Now I am just one person but if you all want pockets I suggest making a point about buying clothing with pockets and hopefully we can get the fashion industry to start putting pockets in more of our clothing.  (Well that was a little political speechy but I do want pockets in any dress/ skirt that I can have them in).

The pics are of some of my favorite dresses and skirts that have pockets.  The blue one I bought specifically because of the pockets, most of my casual dress do not have pockets and this one is a perfect casual dress with pockets.  The Red skirt has amazing pockets that are big and usable (I can fit my phone in them) and the pleats cover up the stuff in the pockets.  I loved this skirt so much I bought it in another color.  The same goes for the black dress,  I loved it so much and it has pockets I bought it in red as well.

When in doubt go with Black & White

Hello Hello Hello!  So I have been noticing that my go to going out outfit is usually some variation of black and white. I am not upset about this at all.  Black and white is a classic look and when I am in a time crunch or feeling a little lazy I tend to fall back on this.  I think that it is a great option to keep in mind, I think my outfits all look good and flattering.

This works well because black is a flattering color, it kind of hides imperfections. White does the opposite but I usually wear a white top or accent piece.  I wear white on top because I like my torso, and white tops work really well on me.  I would probably never wear white pants/ bottoms because those would make my thighs look huge, unlike black pants.

Black skinny jeans are my best friend when going out, you are able to pair them with any color of tops.  (Even black to give off that edgier vibe).  I have been pairing them with white tops, which I have stocked my wardrobe with this summer.  Typically when I wear the tight skinny jeans I will wear a loose top like the middle one.  So the outside ones are kind of an anomaly, they are actually the same shirt and have a unlined lace back which I love.


Lazy Friday Outfit

Hello World!  Do you ever just have one of those days that when you wake up you know you don’t want to do anything?  Yesterday was Friday and I knew when I woke up I had no desire to get out of bed, get dressed or go to work, so obviously I barely did any of those things.  Haha.  Anyways I feel I have stocked my wardrobe with great clothes that even when I have these days, I can still look put together.

When I have a day like this I really like to wear a statement piece of clothing, ie these bright blue pants. Wearing a statement piece like this gives off the vibe of being put together and confident while still being very quick and easy to put together in the morning.  These bright blue jeans allow me to pair them with a very casual top to complete the outfit.  When in doubt that your outfit is too laid back for the occasion add a statement necklace, these are great accessories that complete and elevate almost any look.  Which is what I used this statement necklace to do.

I added the kimono cardigan because its my favorite and with summer ending I am running out of time to wear a cardigan that offers not additional warmth.

New Booties

Hello world!  I know it is sad that summer will soon be coming to an end but on the bright side that means boots and sweater season is almost here. Booties were all the rage last year and I believe that trend will continue this year.  I will have a blog about how I wear booties and advice to you guys coming up soon.  I just wanted to share quickly this great pair of new booties that are so comfortable and affordable.  They also come in 4 colors!!


So some days I feel like Amazon knows me too well, these shoes came up on my recommendations and they are so cute.  I originally bought them in black for my friend for their birthday and while they were shipping I decided that I needed them in my wardrobe as well. I am so happy I did, they are so comfortable (maybe the most comfortable heels I have worn).  I wore them to work when I got them, and I am happy to say no blisters.  I was also able to wear them out all night (lots of dancing) and my feet barely hurt.

These work for work and casual/ night out because the heel is only 3 inches and they are a subtle stylish sexy shoe.  They are great in the summer worn to work with capris or cigarette pants, something that will end a little above the strap of the shoe.  Out to the bar I have worn these with my leather shorts.  Casually I wear them with a tight midi dress or with jeans cuffed to expose the ankle.

Now the questions is you are short aren’t you supposed to avoid a strap at the ankle?  Typically yes, wearing an ankle strap shoe when you are short cuts your leg and makes your leg look shorter.  In this case I bought the nude color so the effect is lessened and when I wear them my legs do not look like they are cut at the ankle.

These are a great additional to my boots selection because while I do have a lot of boots I do not have any that are open toed or have the cut out pattern like these.   I will wear these more often as fall closes in on us.

Oh my friend also really loved them and had a whole conversation with me about how she wore them out to the bar for the first time and got no blisters.  She said that the black made her feel badass.

Let me know what you think.


Leather Shorts? I think so!

Hello World!  So about a month I was thinking about how cool it would be to have a pair of leather shorts (in reality pleather I’m not made of money haha).  Then a few weeks after I had this thought magically one of the boutiques I follow on Instagram posted a pair of pleather shorts with an elastic waist band and at this point I was like I think I need to buy.


Ah these pleather shorts are just my style.

They have a great elastic waist, and pockets on the side that were a great surprise.  Also down the side of the shorts are these studded diamonds that are raised and add some texture to the shorts.  I bought these for a fun edgier look to my wardrobe in the summer.  In looking at my summer wardrobe it was looking very girlie (which is not an issue but I wanted something edgier).  These are great bar attire, which is what I have been wearing them to.  I love that they add that edgy flare to my otherwise girly tops.

So far these are my outfits that I have worn out so far, love them.  I always tuck in my shits so that the shorts are the highlight of the outfit.  Wearing the shorts with a loose shirt like the one on the left highlights my waist.  I love the white shirt outfit, when I was wearing this all I could think about was the song Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley (which is one of my favorites).

Honesty moment here-one- they are not very breathable (their pleather duh) so be very cautious about the temperature when you wear them.  Two – the inside of them do smell a little and they do need to be aired out.



These workout pants are amazing

Hello Hello Hello! I don’t know about you guys but I workout all the time. Workout pants that are great for a workout, comfortable and fit well are hard to find.  I really like workout pants with a thick waist band (to avoid getting love handles), high-waisted (to avoid love handles again), fabric that will wick sweat away, and if long pants I love mesh inserts.

Workout clothing is so expensive, Nike, Adidas and Under Armour will all set you back a pretty penny for a good pair of work out pants.  I have found a workout pants from a brand that I really like and can find great deals on, Reebok.

Eeek!! These pants make me so happy! I was having a really bad day today and these were delivered and changed my mood around.  These pants are so comfortable and I love the mesh inserts.  Now I would have recommended them without even working out in them but thought I should at least try them out at the activity they were meant for. I loved them so much that I wore long black pants to the gym (which I walk to) on an 80 degree day, I really did not want to take them off.  They are so comfy and have so much stretch that I actually really like to wear them.   Recommendation to order a size down, these seem to run a little large, I usually wear a size small but bought an x-small.

Sorry some of them are dark against my hard-wood floors they are a navy blue pant and a dark grey.  The ones on the right are the first Reebok pants I bought early last year at a Reebok outlet by my parents house and these pants convinced me to continue to try Reebok pants.  I love these pants they are my favorite pair of workout pants, especially in the summer.  I tried to find these pants so I could link them to you but I could not find them, nor a similar pair (feel free to look around the site).  The one of the left are here in black and middle here in a few colors.

I love them all, wear them all and recommend them all.  They are all more reasonably priced then some of the other brands out there.  Happy working out (haha I realize oxymoron).

Seriously though those top black pants – amazing.  I would buy them in more colors if they were available.