The solution to hair tie and wrist woes

Hello World!  So are you like me and always carrying a hairband around on your wrist?  I used to do this all the time, I had a tan line from the hairband and an indent from it on my wrist.  Now this is probably not the best for my wrist/ hand and I started to look for a bracelet that would solve this problem.  I found this.


This bracelet is by far one of the best jewelry items I have bought. It has become a habit to wear it and it feels weird without the bracelet.  Which for me I was never a bracelet person so that is saying a lot.  I bought these awhile ago, there appears to be a lot more variety available from this seller as well as others here and here.

So like I said I love this bracelet and it can be worn with anything to any outing.  I typically use the gray or a black hair band for a really chill sleek look that will go with any outfit.  For awhile I was using a white hair band, and the white actually looked amazing with the gold when I wore it, made for a very elegant look.  I was a bridesmaid in a few weddings and I wore this bracelet with a white hair band and I really loved how it looked and pictured.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.10.51 PM

I located the picture that made me love the white hair band with this bracelet.  This is me holding my grandma’s hand while we danced and the bracelet looks elegant and hides the fact that this is a hair band.

I hope this helps solve some problems for other women out there because I always need a hair band.


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