Shout out to my favorite heels

Hey!  So sad day last night, I feel like I may have ruined one of my favorite pairs of heels.  These heels are a very light nude suede color and last night I accidentally stepped in a ton of mud.  I have cleaned them a bit and am waiting to see if some fabric stain remover will remove the mud stains on the side of them, until then I will remain skeptical and will contemplate this sad sad day…

So you ask why are you so upset about a pair of shoes? For me when I find a pair of heels that I can wear all night without my feet wanting to kill me, I want to keep them forever.  The minute I thought these heels were ruined I immediately went to see if I could find them online and contemplated buying them again immediately. I thought about this and there are not many products that cost as much as shoes that I would be willing to do that for, so I wanted to share the shoes that I love.

2016-03-17 11.12.33

The shoes are from Chinese Laundry, which I was not familiar with this shoe company until I bought my first pair.  The bronze shiny shoes above are the first pair I bought almost 7 years ago.  These bronze heels were my go to for almost any outfit because they had so much flair and I could wear them all night without any issues.  Also in the many years I have had them and the many times I have worn them they have never broken and are in really great shape still.  I have such respect for a company that makes their shoes this durable.  I tried to find this pair but as it was a long time ago I could not, I did find this pair that is similar.

The ones I am sad about are the ones on the right that are very light, I was going to take another picture of them but they are not looking their best right now.  I bought these last year for a wedding and when I was looking for shoes I specifically looked for Chinese Laundry heels.I looked for this brand because of how amazing the bronze ones are and I wanted to be able to wear the shoes all night.  I fell in love with the color, I think this is an amazing nude color that you do not see very often.  Upon searching for my replacement shoes I realized that they don’t sell this exact shoe in the nude color, I have linked the grey color (it does come in a lot of colors).  I really do love the shoe and recommend them regardless of color. I found a similar shoe in a very similar color to the one I own that is currently on sale here.

But seriously if anyone knows how to get that mud out of my suede shoes I will seriously take all the advice I can get.

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