Can I Wear a Romper?

Or as I like to call it a onsie. Haha I just find it more funny to use the term onsie.

Yes yes I know, when the romper trend first started I was like, I am never going to get on this trend.  Just the bathroom question alone was reason enough for me to stay away.  As well as there is a certain body type that can wear a romper and I for the most part do not think I have that body type.  So am I giving in? I will answer with kind of, I did buy one but don’t know yet if it will be a staple of my summer wardrobe.

Any ways to the question at hand, can I wear a romper?  Now typically a romper looks really good on a woman who is tall and slender and does not have many curves.  That limits to basically a model.  Which leaves a lot of people who should not wear this, including me, but it is a big trend.  So for me when I was looking I thought about which ones were a similar style as to how I would style my shorts and a tank top.  So for me I wear tank tops that are tucked into shorts that are flowy and have an elastic waist.  (If you want to see what that looks like I blogged about it here)

I found this romper, for $13 right now and thought I would give it a try.

Why this one works for me?  It has this elastic band that sits right at my natural waist so it is highlighting my smallest point.  This also is really like the shorts and tanks that I wear in the summer.  This romper in particular is great because the fabric is 100% cotton which just makes it super soft.  The other feature I like is the back, which I apologize is not picture, but it scoops low in the back.  I love outfits that show off my back, this one in particular is really nice because it scoops to just where your bra sits so you can still wear one.  My one critique is I wish it came in black with white stripes because I feel like I would wear that more.  The bathroom issue is still there you do have to take it all off but this is a casual romper not a going out romper so not as big of an issue.

In conclusion if I bought another romper I would pick one that has lose shorts on the bottom, for me that just looks better, as well as sits around my natural waist.


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