The solution to hair tie and wrist woes

Hello World!  So are you like me and always carrying a hairband around on your wrist?  I used to do this all the time, I had a tan line from the hairband and an indent from it on my wrist.  Now this is probably not the best for my wrist/ hand and I started to look for a bracelet that would solve this problem.  I found this.


This bracelet is by far one of the best jewelry items I have bought. It has become a habit to wear it and it feels weird without the bracelet.  Which for me I was never a bracelet person so that is saying a lot.  I bought these awhile ago, there appears to be a lot more variety available from this seller as well as others here and here.

So like I said I love this bracelet and it can be worn with anything to any outing.  I typically use the gray or a black hair band for a really chill sleek look that will go with any outfit.  For awhile I was using a white hair band, and the white actually looked amazing with the gold when I wore it, made for a very elegant look.  I was a bridesmaid in a few weddings and I wore this bracelet with a white hair band and I really loved how it looked and pictured.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.10.51 PM

I located the picture that made me love the white hair band with this bracelet.  This is me holding my grandma’s hand while we danced and the bracelet looks elegant and hides the fact that this is a hair band.

I hope this helps solve some problems for other women out there because I always need a hair band.


Online Shopping

Hello, hello!-  So I was talking with someone a few weeks ago and somehow online shopping came up and they told me that they never online shop.  And this blew my mind, I was a little dump founded and didn’t know what to say.  Maybe its just me but I almost exclusively shop online, this is partially due to malls sometimes make me claustrophobic since there are so many people crammed into one space.

So I just wanted to share some sites that I shop on really often and some that I have been testing out and its working out.  Now I know people will ask about sizing issues and aren’t I nervous I will buy something and it won’t fit?  Yea I am but most places have free returns so I don’t worry about it as much.  Pants are the one item that I will not order online, just because they are so different across the board and you really need to try them on before buying.

Ellie Clothing

I found them on Facebook about 3 years ago and since then I have bought so much from them that it is a significant part of my wardrobe.  This is my favorite place to look for items that no one else will have (they are located in Alabama and I live in the North).  They have great colorful tops and some amazing dresses.  I love their dresses, they can be worn casual or formal, I have worn them bumming around but also to work marketing events.

My recommendation with them is to follow them on Instagram because a lot of their stuff is not on the website but they will put stuff on their Instagram and you can comment and be invoiced.  This is really where some of the best stuff I have bought from there came from.

So obviously since they are half my wardrobe I couldn’t insert a picture all of the stuff I have bought there but here are a few.  The ones on the left are the ones I wear to fancier events and the two on the right are so awesome I wear them all the time in the summer.  I haven’t worn the green one yet but I seriously cannot wait to wear it, the cut outs on the bottom are amazing.


I love Amazon, I have Prime so it is a no brainier that I order clothing and accessories off of here.  I really love it because you can typically find what you are looking for at a really reasonable price.  I have recently bought some great items that I really love to wear.  A lot of the stuff I have bought are casual but I have also bought my trench coat off of Amazon and I love it.

Lately I have been buying accessories on here,  the purse selection is on point.  I don’t even really look at any other site when I am looking for a new purse.  To me shopping elsewhere for a purse is not worth it because Amazon has a better selection at a better price.

Ah the purses, my favorite part front one, middle purse, and back one.  I have talked extensively about the other two in prior posts.  But I’ll reiterate this romper is awesome and this shirt is so comfortable.

New York & Co.

I usually look for work dresses on here but typically only buy if they are sizes S, M, L.  Last year I bought 2 of the same dress in different colors, and it is one of my best dresses.  I highly recommend, but I could not find the exact one I did find this one.

So those are my staples of my online shopping problems, there are a few other sites that I have bought a few things off of but have not developed a really good opinion of.  The times I have ordered have been good.



Soho Style Boutique


Shout out to my favorite heels

Hey!  So sad day last night, I feel like I may have ruined one of my favorite pairs of heels.  These heels are a very light nude suede color and last night I accidentally stepped in a ton of mud.  I have cleaned them a bit and am waiting to see if some fabric stain remover will remove the mud stains on the side of them, until then I will remain skeptical and will contemplate this sad sad day…

So you ask why are you so upset about a pair of shoes? For me when I find a pair of heels that I can wear all night without my feet wanting to kill me, I want to keep them forever.  The minute I thought these heels were ruined I immediately went to see if I could find them online and contemplated buying them again immediately. I thought about this and there are not many products that cost as much as shoes that I would be willing to do that for, so I wanted to share the shoes that I love.

2016-03-17 11.12.33

The shoes are from Chinese Laundry, which I was not familiar with this shoe company until I bought my first pair.  The bronze shiny shoes above are the first pair I bought almost 7 years ago.  These bronze heels were my go to for almost any outfit because they had so much flair and I could wear them all night without any issues.  Also in the many years I have had them and the many times I have worn them they have never broken and are in really great shape still.  I have such respect for a company that makes their shoes this durable.  I tried to find this pair but as it was a long time ago I could not, I did find this pair that is similar.

The ones I am sad about are the ones on the right that are very light, I was going to take another picture of them but they are not looking their best right now.  I bought these last year for a wedding and when I was looking for shoes I specifically looked for Chinese Laundry heels.I looked for this brand because of how amazing the bronze ones are and I wanted to be able to wear the shoes all night.  I fell in love with the color, I think this is an amazing nude color that you do not see very often.  Upon searching for my replacement shoes I realized that they don’t sell this exact shoe in the nude color, I have linked the grey color (it does come in a lot of colors).  I really do love the shoe and recommend them regardless of color. I found a similar shoe in a very similar color to the one I own that is currently on sale here.

But seriously if anyone knows how to get that mud out of my suede shoes I will seriously take all the advice I can get.

Jewelry – Talking Statement Pieces

Hello Hello Hello!  I am like many women out there and I love my jewelry. Now I know for some people who have known me awhile, you will think when did you start to like and wear jewelry?  Well in answer to that since I entered the professional world I have grown to love jewelry and wear it every day.  I really think jewelry is a great way to complete any outfit and express your personal style in a (sometimes dull) business world.

As you can see from above in my jewelry boxes, I love the statement necklace trend.  I do enjoy a good statement necklace most days but I do also own a good variety of necklaces beyond statement necklaces.

So if you buy jewelry regularly you know that it does not come cheap if you want quality (meaning it won’t turn your skin green). So I just wanted to talk about where I get some of my jewelry and some great websites I have found for jewelry.  So I have in the past bought jewelry from Stella&Dot, my friend hosted a party and I felt like I needed to buy when I was there.  Their jewelry while is good it does come at a price, most of their statement necklaces are $100+.

I want to share a boutique online I have found and I am so excited about it.  Happiness Boutique any kind of jewelry you want they sell and ship worldwide for free!  Also, they ship in boxes so your jewelry will not be ruined and they write personal notes, I am all about that.  I have only bought the above jewelry but I am so excited about this.  Necklace here and I wore it to work the other day and I am so excited about this necklace.  It really does look good with almost anything because it is gold and clear crystals.  Earrings here, I was looking for statement earrings because I felt like I only had studs and I needed some earrings that would catch attention when I wasn’t wearing a necklace.  These are perfect, I wear them out and they get attention and compliements.  They are a little heavy but I can deal with it since they look so cool.

Also there is  this necklace that I have been meaning to buy because I think the geometric pattern of it is so cool!

So where do I find other great deals for jewelry?  I like to find unique places to buy jewelry so when I travel I like to buy jewelry because it is easy to transport home.  My favorite jewelry boutique is in my hometown of Milwaukee its Bangles & Bags, which is where the middle necklace is from.  Sorry you cannot order online but great ideas.  The white necklace above is from Franchescas here it is in blue. The necklace on the right I actually bought from a flee market and it is one of my favorites.

I hope this has helped you find some new places to buy jewelry.

Can I Wear a Romper?

Or as I like to call it a onsie. Haha I just find it more funny to use the term onsie.

Yes yes I know, when the romper trend first started I was like, I am never going to get on this trend.  Just the bathroom question alone was reason enough for me to stay away.  As well as there is a certain body type that can wear a romper and I for the most part do not think I have that body type.  So am I giving in? I will answer with kind of, I did buy one but don’t know yet if it will be a staple of my summer wardrobe.

Any ways to the question at hand, can I wear a romper?  Now typically a romper looks really good on a woman who is tall and slender and does not have many curves.  That limits to basically a model.  Which leaves a lot of people who should not wear this, including me, but it is a big trend.  So for me when I was looking I thought about which ones were a similar style as to how I would style my shorts and a tank top.  So for me I wear tank tops that are tucked into shorts that are flowy and have an elastic waist.  (If you want to see what that looks like I blogged about it here)

I found this romper, for $13 right now and thought I would give it a try.

Why this one works for me?  It has this elastic band that sits right at my natural waist so it is highlighting my smallest point.  This also is really like the shorts and tanks that I wear in the summer.  This romper in particular is great because the fabric is 100% cotton which just makes it super soft.  The other feature I like is the back, which I apologize is not picture, but it scoops low in the back.  I love outfits that show off my back, this one in particular is really nice because it scoops to just where your bra sits so you can still wear one.  My one critique is I wish it came in black with white stripes because I feel like I would wear that more.  The bathroom issue is still there you do have to take it all off but this is a casual romper not a going out romper so not as big of an issue.

In conclusion if I bought another romper I would pick one that has lose shorts on the bottom, for me that just looks better, as well as sits around my natural waist.