Who needs a great summer skirt?

Hello world!!  I have been looking for a summer skirt for a couple of weeks and just was not finding exactly what I was looking for.  Then I was randomly at the mall the other day returning an online purchase and I meandered into H&M.  I was just going to take a quick look around see if anything caught my eye.  I found this amazing skirt for only $13.

I saw it and was like I need to have this skirt just based on the color alone, its this really great light green that is perfect for summer.  It has a chiffon maxi skirt over top of a short under skirt and two high slits on the side.   I bought it and just wanted to wear it out immediately, so obviously I wore it when I went out with my friends that night. I paired it with my favorite bralette and a brown belt to highlight my waist.   I got a lot of compliments on the skirt and a lot of people thought it was a dress, which I love because it means my outfit went together exceptionally well.

This skirt would also work really well with white shirts, actually one of the reasons I bought it was to wear it with my white tank tops.  If you are looking for a solid shirt to pair with your crop tops I would recommend this one.  I love it and cannot wait to wear it again.

Note that the link does not show this color, I tried to find this exact one on the website but I could not.  I would go to H&M because they also had this skirt not only in the above color but also in an amazing bright blue color I almost bought as well.  Also I looked for that exact bralette but could not find it, I did find similar ones to it like this one and this one.

A few things I do not like about the skirt, but am going to live with are…

  1. The waist band is just an elastic band which makes the skirt look cheaper.  My fix for this is to tuck that band into the skirt so that no one see it.
  2. The underskirt  does rise up (you were warned) but this is not as noticeable with the chiffon long skirt.

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