Can I Wear Color to a Funeral?

Hello People!  Can I wear color to a funeral?  What is appropriate attire to wear to a funeral/ memorial/ wake?  For the first time in a long time I needed to figure this out and I no longer live by/ near my family so I couldn’t just see what they wear and then alter as needed.

So I had the question- can I only wear black?  Can I mix in any other colors? What is appropriate?  I decided on the below outfit.

I wore a basic black fit and flare dress and paired it with a navy professor blazer, added my brown clutch and white necklace to finish off the outfit.  I live by the standard that navy is a neutral color and can be paired as such.  This worked for the funeral because it was still within the color scheme (dark colors) and I did not feel like I stuck out for wearing this as a jacket.   I did have a long debate about the necklace because it was white and gold and kind of became a focal point.  I did have a similar necklace with black jewels that I had planned to wear but it felt like a little too much and was very hard to see with the dress, while the white brightened up the outfit a little bit.

If you are going to wear a color I would do it very tactfully.   I would advise for a more toned down color such as navy (like me), brown or a dark grey which would all be suitable for a funeral.  I would not wear any color that could be considered a bight color.  As a bright color will draw more attention to the fact that you are not wearing black and make you stick out.

If you knew the person very well then I think you can deviate from the above and wear an outfit/ dress that that person really loved to see you in regardless of the brightness of the outfit.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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