The key to travel clothing is comfort

Hello Hello Hello!  I mean what else am I going to do when stuck at the airport besides blog about travel clothes?  The best tips for travel attire to make packing easier and less stressful are to wear your bulkiest clothes or something that you don’t want to get wrinkled.  Beyond that I always want to be comfortable when I travel, you are either going to be stuck in a car driving, a cramped airplane seat or on a train.  None of these are the most enjoyable options so might as well wear clothes that are comfortable.  Me personally I also want to look put together when traveling, never know who you could meet in an airport.  (Although I would never wear high heels traveling that seems like way too much effort for me).

Today I went straight to the airport from work in order to catch my flight so I had balance work appropriate clothing with my desire for comfort.  I went for jeans, because they are the bulkiest item I would be traveling with (jean take up way too much space in a suitcase).  These are my light jeans that I roll into capris and I have broken them in to the point they are comfortable and stretchy, I’m currently sitting cross legged in an airport chair with no issues.  I do wear leggings to travel sometimes but its summer so I don’t need them and they are easy to pack in luggage.

My shirt I am all about that loose shirt that kind of just flows, this is my favorite since it has the amazing shear back.  Which in reality also acts as a vent when it is hot in the airport or on the plane or it’s summer and just hot outside. The style and fabric of this shirt is perfect for travel for to reasons.  First the fabric is soft and does not show wrinkles as well as it is long in the back so it will cover your butt.  I got this shirt from stitch fix and have looked for similar ones I found this and this.

Blazer served a dual purpose, first I didn’t want it to wrinkle in my bag because I needed it for something important.  Second purpose is that I did not feel like wearing an undershirt with the top so it served to cover up my back since the shirt had a shear back. I love this professor blazer, its one of my favorites.  I got it at H&M years ago but I found this one that appears to be similar.

Shoes- Toms, I always try to travel in these especially when flying because you have to take off them for security.  Easily slip them on and then back off.



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