This shirt – soft, comfy And cute

Hello Hello Hello – I am here to share with you this treasure of a shirt that I have found.


I have been looking for an open shoulder/ cut out shoulder top all summer.  I kind of stumbled across this one on Amazon and ordered because it was on Prime and it was less than $15.  I got this shirt and loved it immediately.  It is one of the softest shirts I own and is also made of a really light fabric which is perfect for summer and remarkably comfortable. Since the shirt is big and long it will billow in the wind nicely which will show off your figure. I really like big long shirts because they will cover my butt when I wear skinny jeans.

This shirt is convenient because it is so easy to throw on but it looks so stylish and on trend right now that you will look put together.  I wore this to my friends cookout and got a lot of compliments.  Was even asked why I dressed up so much (it was really chill like sweatpants chill).

2016-07-03 17.24.39

This is the outfit I wore to the cookout with a pair of toms, it was actually kind of cold here so the pants were necessary, I also wore this outfit to work on casual Friday and it worked out nicely.

Anyways I was skeptical about buying this shirt at first because there were mixed reviews about sizing.  Some people said it ran big and others said it ran small, how that’s possible I don’t know.  I personally think this shirt runs large, this is a small and I feel like I should have bought a size smaller.  Also since this is Amazon there are like 20 different colors you can choose from.


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