Ahh The Skinny Belt

The who, what, where, when, and how- but really just the what, when and how.

Skinny Belts – Yea I know when I first got one of these I was not too thrilled, like what are they used for?  Certainly not holding up your pants haha.  I got my first skinny belt with a dress and I immediately took it off the dress and thought I would never use it.  Turns out I was really wrong about that.

How? – I have already covered that they will not hold up your pants. So typically I wear my skinny belts to help define my waist when I wear a cardigan.  Some of my cardigans are big blankets and hide my waist and others times I use my belt to bring the cardigan to my waist.


These are examples of using them to define my waist.  The first two pics are actually of the same dress styled with a blanket cardigan and the black belt underneath to highlight my small waist which kind of gets lost with this cardigan.  The other two are styled similarly – I used the skinny belt to pull the cardigan into my waist to define it as the center point of the outfit.   I like the wear the belts both ways.

The other way I really like to wear them is to add a little bit more color to the outfit.


Lately I  love adding this woven brown belt or one of my black belts to this red skirt to add an additional detail right at my waist.  I love that there is a little bit of the red poking over the top of the belt, I think it adds a little extra to the outfit.

So now the when – usually I wear these to work because they really work best with my work outfits.  Since I do not like to wear tight clothes to my office I use the belts to really define my waist.  I do wear them casually with dresses I just do not have any pics of those currently.


Moral of this story is don’t ever rule out a certain fashion trend because you might come around to it.  I am happy I never gave away the 2 belts that came with the dresses I bought, because of them I discovered I really do like these belts.  Have even gone out and purchased a few.

I bought my woven belt at a flea market but this one metallic. is pretty similar and I love the look of it.


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