The A-Line Skirt is Amazing!

Hello World!  So I love the A-Line look right now, whether it is with one of these skirts or fit and flare dresses, this is a style that I hope continues.  So these are my A-line skirts, they are all a little different which offers me a very good variety that can be used for any number of occasions.  I have been wanting to write this article for awhile but I had just bought the red skirt and wanted to wait to get a better feel for all the outfits this skirt could be used to make.  So I will categorize these by occasions to be worn to.  So lets start from casual and work our way to fancy.


Throw a plan v-neck or a summer tank on with these for a simple, easy and a really put together look.  I wear these outfits all the time because they are comfortable but also when I wear them I always get compliments.  These are the two that really work well in a more casual setting, I love this red and pleather skirt they are so versatile and they look so good with a wide range of tops.  I have stated before and I’ll say it again, this pleather skirt is my date skirt, very stylish and is a little edgy at the same time.  I look forward to wearing my red skirt in a similar fashion.

Business casual– to be very honest I have the most pictures of this because I wear these clothes most.

Ever thought you could feel comfortable at work in work clothes?  Well this is the reason I started to buy A-line skirts because I can wear them to work and be super comfortable.  They also offer me a wide variety of outfits in my work wardrobe and some splash of color, which lets be honest almost every office job could use more color. I love these skirts I usually wear one or two a week.  So these three skirts- the brown one is 100% a work skirt and when I wear it I feel like I stepped out of the 50s and its amazing.  So yes the blue and the red skirt are from the same seller just a different color and a different fabric, but these two are by far my favorite to wear.  They go with a lot of different shirts and tops, I have been wearing them with work tanks in the summer because it is so hot.  They are very breathable, and I will recommend them to any one.

Now we will move on to Fancy– or attire for weddings/ cocktail hours

So the one on the left I wore to a wedding and I loved it, the pleather skirt with the bright pink top looked really great as a wedding outfit.  The one on the right, are both new items to my wardrobe but when I put them together I instantly thought wedding.  It will make a great wedding outfit because the skirt with the lace bralette make this look like a very fancy dress.  I am kind of just waiting until I have the right occasion to wear it out but I cannot wait.


I just want to touch on real quickly that this is not just a skirt/ outfit that will look good on women of my size/ height/ body type.  I have talked about my sister before she is one of my best friends but we cannot share clothes because we have very different body types and she is a lot taller than I am.  This skirt works well on her because it accentuates her waist and makes it stand out as her slimmest point on her body.

I want to rep my favorite skirt- the one that comes in red and blue in all the pics.  The blue is my favorite on the site it is the color petrol

yes- this is an etsy link and I did have a long debate about weather to buy or not and if I did what size.  Now for reference my waist is 27″ and my favorite skirt has a 28″ waist I bought the EU 40, which has a 29″ waist (I talked to the seller and she put elastic on the sides and fits amazing.

Let me know your thoughts.  BTW all these skirts that I own have pockets.

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