Mixing patterns

Hello Hello Hello – So mixing patterns, I am going to be perfectly honest I do not really do this very often because it is hard to find the right patterns that will go well together and won’t clash with each other or be too loud.

Reason why this was successful- The top is black and white except for the pocket which allows it to go very well with the shorts which are very bright.  The fact that the top already was mixing patterns made it easier to pair with another pattern. The pocket works well because the colors on the pocket kind of match with a few colors in the shorts and bring the outfit together.

When I got this shirt I did not know what I would wear it with but I really like the shear polka dotted back. So I just went into my closet and tried it on with clothes I already had.  When I put this outfit together I was so excited because it looked so good and so cute.  This made for the perfect summer night out outfit and this is going to become a go to summer outfit for me because it is very bright and both the shorts and shirt are very breathable.

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