Wait…. You had a date?

Why yes yes I did have a date. Haha.  I have been wanting to write about a date outfit for a while but I figured I needed to actually go on a date for it to actually count as an accurate article.

Any ways not here to talk about my life but about my clothing.


I went into the day knowing that I wanted to wear this shirt. This lace up white tank (yea I know I wore it again) but as of lately I am loving white.  This tank is a very pristine white and it makes my arms look tanner then they actually are.  And the laces on the front are a very subtle sexy that I love about this top.  Just a little flash of the chest.  (And yes I do have smaller boobs so I can kind of get away with it).

I decided to pair the shirt with this really cute pleather skirt and sandals.  We did a really chill drinks at a bar so I did not want to overdress so I went with the flat sandals.  I love to wear this skirt when I go on dates because it flatters my body well and since it is black it can be paired with so many tops that I already own.  This is a really easy outfit for me, that looks super put together and in fashion but is also very comfortable.  As a side note- this skirt has pockets which makes it even better!


To complete the whole ensemble I actually changed purses (which I typically do not do) and used this large mint colored tote bag as my purse.  I absolutely love the mint color of this bag really makes me think of spring and summer.  It goes really well with a lot of lighter colored clothes and my current white obsession haha.

Where do I get this stuff?

Well the white shirt is linked in my last article.

skirt- JC Penney’s but I bought it last year

tote bag. – Amazon –  It is currently unavailable but I would check back its pretty reasonable and it  is reversible.


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