The A-Line Skirt is Amazing!

Hello World!  So I love the A-Line look right now, whether it is with one of these skirts or fit and flare dresses, this is a style that I hope continues.  So these are my A-line skirts, they are all a little different which offers me a very good variety that can be used for any number of occasions.  I have been wanting to write this article for awhile but I had just bought the red skirt and wanted to wait to get a better feel for all the outfits this skirt could be used to make.  So I will categorize these by occasions to be worn to.  So lets start from casual and work our way to fancy.


Throw a plan v-neck or a summer tank on with these for a simple, easy and a really put together look.  I wear these outfits all the time because they are comfortable but also when I wear them I always get compliments.  These are the two that really work well in a more casual setting, I love this red and pleather skirt they are so versatile and they look so good with a wide range of tops.  I have stated before and I’ll say it again, this pleather skirt is my date skirt, very stylish and is a little edgy at the same time.  I look forward to wearing my red skirt in a similar fashion.

Business casual– to be very honest I have the most pictures of this because I wear these clothes most.

Ever thought you could feel comfortable at work in work clothes?  Well this is the reason I started to buy A-line skirts because I can wear them to work and be super comfortable.  They also offer me a wide variety of outfits in my work wardrobe and some splash of color, which lets be honest almost every office job could use more color. I love these skirts I usually wear one or two a week.  So these three skirts- the brown one is 100% a work skirt and when I wear it I feel like I stepped out of the 50s and its amazing.  So yes the blue and the red skirt are from the same seller just a different color and a different fabric, but these two are by far my favorite to wear.  They go with a lot of different shirts and tops, I have been wearing them with work tanks in the summer because it is so hot.  They are very breathable, and I will recommend them to any one.

Now we will move on to Fancy– or attire for weddings/ cocktail hours

So the one on the left I wore to a wedding and I loved it, the pleather skirt with the bright pink top looked really great as a wedding outfit.  The one on the right, are both new items to my wardrobe but when I put them together I instantly thought wedding.  It will make a great wedding outfit because the skirt with the lace bralette make this look like a very fancy dress.  I am kind of just waiting until I have the right occasion to wear it out but I cannot wait.


I just want to touch on real quickly that this is not just a skirt/ outfit that will look good on women of my size/ height/ body type.  I have talked about my sister before she is one of my best friends but we cannot share clothes because we have very different body types and she is a lot taller than I am.  This skirt works well on her because it accentuates her waist and makes it stand out as her slimmest point on her body.

I want to rep my favorite skirt- the one that comes in red and blue in all the pics.  The blue is my favorite on the site it is the color petrol

yes- this is an etsy link and I did have a long debate about weather to buy or not and if I did what size.  Now for reference my waist is 27″ and my favorite skirt has a 28″ waist I bought the EU 40, which has a 29″ waist (I talked to the seller and she put elastic on the sides and fits amazing.

Let me know your thoughts.  BTW all these skirts that I own have pockets.

Mixing patterns

Hello Hello Hello – So mixing patterns, I am going to be perfectly honest I do not really do this very often because it is hard to find the right patterns that will go well together and won’t clash with each other or be too loud.

Reason why this was successful- The top is black and white except for the pocket which allows it to go very well with the shorts which are very bright.  The fact that the top already was mixing patterns made it easier to pair with another pattern. The pocket works well because the colors on the pocket kind of match with a few colors in the shorts and bring the outfit together.

When I got this shirt I did not know what I would wear it with but I really like the shear polka dotted back. So I just went into my closet and tried it on with clothes I already had.  When I put this outfit together I was so excited because it looked so good and so cute.  This made for the perfect summer night out outfit and this is going to become a go to summer outfit for me because it is very bright and both the shorts and shirt are very breathable.

My essentials for a summer wardrobe

Summer has arrived here!  Well it has probably been summer in other places but here it finally got out of the 60s and went straight to 99. So I realize that everyone else has already thrown their two cents in but here I will go anyways.


Kimono Cardigan– So I have been trying to find a really laid back option to wear over summer outfits. Last year I wore a chambray shirt almost every day and I did not want to do that again.  In summer I do not want to wear a real cardigan or coat and this is what I have found.  I love it, this shirt gives off a very chill vibe and that is essentially summer to me.  I just love to have an outfit in my head and then throw this on top of it.  Kind of completes the outfit.

I bought this one in white with a geometric pattern as well as a black one that has elephants on it.

Elephant one I love and is super cute

Shorts– the dreaded summer attire that we wear every year regardless of how much we like them.  Well I have found a pair of shorts that I not only tolerate but love.   IMG_20160611_114554

So these are my summer go to item, they are navy and white patterned which make them easy to pair with any top since I consider navy a neutral color.  These shorts are a million times better then jean short because they are just so comfortable.  The elastic waist and light weight material make them perfect for summer.  Usually when I am bumming around in the summer I just throw these on with whatever top I want and it looks like a very put together outfit.

So I bought these last year at Francesca’s, I have looked through their website and cannot find these but have found similar ones. These black ones


The Summer Dress – Now I have a lot of these but this one is my favorite to chill in summer heat in.  When it is hot outside I just want to wear an outfit and is not going to show where I sweat.  (I am going to be honest, I sweat and when its really hot my belly sweats).  So taking that into consideration when I am bumming around I like to wear dresses that are  not tight on my stomach.  This one is awesome because it is super simple and easy except for this cute ruffle detail on the back.  So when you wear your hair up due too the heat the dress just looks better.  Given the lose nature the dress will also just billow in the wind which will give glances at your figure below.  (As a note this shift dress is not for every body type I would not advise it to someone who is very curvy).

I got this dress a few years ago at my favorite online boutique they do not have this dress but they do have plenty of very cute shift dresses. Its called Ellie Clothing

I have a bunch of other thoughts about summer essentials but I will limit myself to 3.  The one summer essential that I am looking for and just have not found yet is a white top with shoulder cutouts.

Let me know your thoughts

Wait…. You had a date?

Why yes yes I did have a date. Haha.  I have been wanting to write about a date outfit for a while but I figured I needed to actually go on a date for it to actually count as an accurate article.

Any ways not here to talk about my life but about my clothing.


I went into the day knowing that I wanted to wear this shirt. This lace up white tank (yea I know I wore it again) but as of lately I am loving white.  This tank is a very pristine white and it makes my arms look tanner then they actually are.  And the laces on the front are a very subtle sexy that I love about this top.  Just a little flash of the chest.  (And yes I do have smaller boobs so I can kind of get away with it).

I decided to pair the shirt with this really cute pleather skirt and sandals.  We did a really chill drinks at a bar so I did not want to overdress so I went with the flat sandals.  I love to wear this skirt when I go on dates because it flatters my body well and since it is black it can be paired with so many tops that I already own.  This is a really easy outfit for me, that looks super put together and in fashion but is also very comfortable.  As a side note- this skirt has pockets which makes it even better!


To complete the whole ensemble I actually changed purses (which I typically do not do) and used this large mint colored tote bag as my purse.  I absolutely love the mint color of this bag really makes me think of spring and summer.  It goes really well with a lot of lighter colored clothes and my current white obsession haha.

Where do I get this stuff?

Well the white shirt is linked in my last article.

skirt- JC Penney’s but I bought it last year

tote bag. – Amazon –  It is currently unavailable but I would check back its pretty reasonable and it  is reversible.