Beyonce- Formation

Hello People-  Now as some of you may know I went to see Beyonce, and let me just say it was AMAZING and a great concert.  I went with my sister and we both had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the show.  I would very willingly go see her in concert again without a second thought.  She was great and the show was put on in such a way that it didn’t matter if you sit higher up in the stadium.

Any ways the real question, what does a skinny white girl like me wear to the Formation World Tour?  I thought about this since I bought the tickets, I wanted to look good but not be too dressed up.  So I had a lot of options going through my head- should I look really cute with heels, should I wear my new feminism shirt  (reads “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”), or should I take a more casual approach since the concert is outside?


So I decided to wear this new lace up  top and a pair of classic black skinny jeans.  (I  also want to apologize for the lighting in the picture- I tried to lighten it up a few times and it did not work).  This is a new shirt and I bought it because I loved the laces on the front and I had nothing in my closet like this.  I love that it is lose and kind of just floats around my body.  I paired it with my black skinny jeans for a nice black and white outfit.  I did have a very long debate about the top (ask my sister she can tell you how much I annoyed her). Since the weather was forecasted to storm I didn’t know if I wanted to go for the white shirt.  I did anyways because I really wanted to wear it and my sister pointed out that if the shirt got wet it wouldn’t really show anything more than you can see currently (since I do not wear an undershirt).

I was going to wear the feminism shirt because I thought it would be very appropriate to wear to the Formation World Tour but my sister ended up wearing it and we did not need to be matchy matchy.  I also thought about wearing heels to the concert but I wanted to stand the whole time and dance which heels would not have been conducive to, so I went with sandals.  IMG_20160530_194131

My pop of color was my clutch which you cannot really see in this picture but it is right here.  I love this Fossil clutch, I wasn’t too sure about the color originally because purple is not normally my color.  This is my favorite clutch because on the inside there are credit card slots and 2 pockets- one with a zipper.





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