Closet Treasure

Hey People!!- So I clean out my closet every so often usually when I have recently bought a lot of clothes or when I run out of hangers to use for my clothes.  This is typically a task because I will be honest I have a lot of clothes.  Now when I do this I try on all of my clothes and think about when was the last time I wore this, does it fit and when/ if I will wear this again and think about if I should give this away.

So in my closet expedition I found these red pants that I bought like 2 years ago and have just never worn.  I don’t know why I did not wear them, but they just never worked their way into my wardrobe.  So when I found these I did not want to give them away since I still really liked them and they fit well still.  I am now determined to work them into my wardrobe and this is how I did that.

So on Saturday I had a house warming party during the day and then going out at night so I decided that I would wear these pants no matter what.  So I went into my closet and figured out what worked well with the red pants in each of these situations.


House warming party –

So I have never been to a house warming party so deciding what to wear to this was especially thoughtful for me.  Any ways I figured I probably should not wear going out clothes but still want to dress up a little in order to be more fancy.  So I wore this tank top which is very loose and comfortable, I wore an undershirt so as not to be too booby and I can tuck the undershirt in to keep the pants up (they were a little big).  I paired it with my chambray shirt and a pair of sandals in order to get the more casual look I was going for.



Going out for a few drinks with friends-

(now to start off to be honest this turned into more than a few drinks with friends). So to dress these pants up I wore it with this amazing new shirt  I have.  It is super soft and comfortable and with the straps on the front adds an extra sexy look and kind of distracts with how low the front V drops.  Now I am kind of a lazy girl and if I can get away with wearing flats I will, as I thought it would only be with a friend I went with the sandals again.  I also love this tucked in because it adds a waist to the outfit and since the shirt is loser it dresses the shirt up.

For referencing on sizing I got a size 6, usually wear S in tops, and it is a little lose but I like that about this shirt.

I also I highly suggest cleaning out your closet and giving away the old clothes to charity

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