I am in love!!!

Hey Hey Hey! Me again, I know pretty quick turn around but I am so excited I could not wait.  I am in love… with this skirt!   IMG_20160516_203204

It is this amazing blue lace overlaid on a black liner and somehow it is stretchy and fits amazingly well, especially since the waist is a pho leather.  Yes I was concerned the whole day about this skirt snagging and possibly ripping but I guess I will pay that price when I wear it because it is amazing.  As a heads up though when eating crumbs do fall between the lace so remember to shake your butt when you get up.  haha

So where to get it and how much is it? So I got it from Stitch Fix, (I know what do I need stitch fix for?  Personally they send out some cute clothes that I have been unable to find anywhere else.  And my friend got me a gift card for my birthday so I am testing it out, don’t know if I will continue).  As stated these items are hard to find, I have scoured the internet for this exact skirt and was unable to find it.  JC Penney’s does appear to have something similar in a brighter color.


My thoughts on how to wear it- I love wearing pencil skirts to work and having a loser fitting top tucked into it.  The same goes for this skirt but this was a little harder to style due to the color.  Since the skirt is a darker color I suggest wearing it with tops that are in the same color scheme, so like a deeper red or black tops.  My favorite though is pairing it with a white tops and it looks amazing.  I just so happen to own this white top that has black accents like the skirt.

To dress it down I paired it with a graphic tank top and left it un-tucked pair with your favorite sneakers/ toms and it can be the perfect casual day outfit.

Want to go out/ go to a wedding pair it with a crop top, bralette, or just a plain old tight black top tucked in with some high heels and it will look amazing!

Any questions about dressing your amazing pencil skirts up or down feel free to contact me.


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