THE Professional Bag

Hello Hello Hello- the professional bag, what is it?  Do I need one?  Will that be expensive?  All questions I asked myself when I first entered the professional work place.  I resisted getting one for a very long time and continued to use my cross body purses.  I did eventually get one and am so happy I did.

So what is a professional bag?  I think a professional bag is a bag that has a little bit more structure, is a little larger and has inside pockets to allow for organization.  As I said before I was fairly reluctant because I loved to have a bag with a cross body strap it was just more convenient for me, so when I looked for a bag I focused on ones that had a cross body strap.


Do I need one?  No you do not need one. You can be a professional women and not have a bag like this.  The bag does not make you a professional.  I just found that it was more convenient and easier to have one.  As I realized that this allowed me to tote around more stuff, and have more organization inside my bag.  I love these bags now, I believe that it completes and compliments most of my office outfits.  Typically in summer when I am going to work this is what I use.  It allows me to carry a cardigan inside it in case my office has cranked up the AC, which is all the time.   (In the winter I do lean more towards cross body bags but that is born of living in a cold climate).


And now the important question- will that be expensive?  Yea it can be, if you want a designer bag like Kate Spade then it will cost money even if you go to an outlet.  Now I am going to be very honest, I don’t live that designer handbag life.  Most days I don’t even notice that my friend has a Kate Spade and I do not. So these are my two professional purses, I think they are amazing and would not trade them for designer.  They both cost less than $30, which in purse shopping is amazing. I like to shop at unconventional places for purses and find great deals.

So the top one was actually a gift but I picked it out and sent a link to my sister as what I wanted.  It is from Aldo (the shoe place) when I found it there was a sale of 50% off all purses, so I think it was $30.  That outside front pocket was great for my ID badge and on the inside it was so large and had 4 additional pockets.  As well as the cross body strap that I specifically looked for.


The lower brown one with the quilted pattern, I am in LOVE with.  This is the bag that I am currently using and it is AMAZING, I think that everyone should try this bag.  It looks so good when I am just using the handles but also as a cross body (which the strap is adjustable).  The inside has 3 pockets and then a divider down the middle that organizes the inside of the bag so well.  On the back of this bag there is an outside pocket that is very convenient for an ID badge.  I found this bag on Amazon of all places for $27.99, and there are so many colors some of them are even cheaper.  This is by the designer name Rimen & Co., who I had never heard of but now I love.  This is me in real life loving this bag.  If this bag broke on me I would hands down buy it again because it is that amazing.


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