What to wear to your own Birthday

Hello people- as previously mentioned I had a birthday coming up, it was over the weekend.  Did I have fun? Yes I had a great time going out with friends.  How old am I?  One year old then I was… haha.  One of my friends has the same birthday as me, so we planned a birthday weekend extravaganza.

If everyone in the world is like me, I love to dress up on my birthday and wearing whatever I feel like.   As you can see below I had a real good time.

IMG_20160429_224932  First day of the birthday weekend extravaganza I wore the previously talked about white shirt that needs to be tucked in.  I paired it with my favorite pair of blue blue jeans. I love to rock these when I go out because they fit me so perfectly.  This outfit was kind of already set when I wrote the last post but I did have a long debate about jewelry.

When to add jewelry and when to realize that sometimes there is no need.  I tried on about 5/6 different necklaces with this shirt and none of them quite looked right. The necklaces mostly looked too bulky for the shirt and none fit the neckline right. Then I decided that due to the fancy lace neckline there was no need for a necklace.  I decided big earring will solve this debate.  IMG_20160430_181229

Now I just want to throw a shout out to my favorite pair of heels.  These babies I bought online (of course) from Victoria Secret of all places.  These while the heel is a little intimidating are my most comfortable pair.  As a short person I really strive to wear high heels to get the most height that I can.  I LOVE THESE PUMPS and the 4 extra inches that they give me.

Day 2 of the birthday weekend (after like 8 hours of recovery i.e. laying on my couch)- my friend knew about this drag show fund raiser that was happening at a gay club in town.  (I will suggest going to a drag show because this was a super fun experience).

IMG_20160430_235119So the question- what do you wear to a drag show at a gay club?  Good question – I asked myself this for a week straight when we decided this was what we were going to do.  Since it was a gay club I wasn’t really worried about any weird guys hitting on me so I could really wear what I wanted.

<- So I bought this new bralette with the thought of wearing it under some of my sheer shirts.  But when it came in it was a lot longer then expected.  (Probably because the online photo was of a model wearing it not little old me).  Well anyways I was trying to figure out how to wear it and wanted to wear it this weekend.  So I tucked it into one of my pencil skirts which was a little tough since the bottom of the bralette was barely tucked in. Results- It looks so good, like a dress that you would buy in a store instead of my too long bralette tucked into a skirt.  (As a side note I did wear another demi bra under this barlette just to keep the boobs in place).  I wish it was warmer out when I wore this but I envision myself wearing this barlette again, probably tucked into skirts rather then with jeans.

Anyways what I am saying is on your birthday (or any day) wear what you want and be confident about it.


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