Beyonce- Formation

Hello People-  Now as some of you may know I went to see Beyonce, and let me just say it was AMAZING and a great concert.  I went with my sister and we both had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the show.  I would very willingly go see her in concert again without a second thought.  She was great and the show was put on in such a way that it didn’t matter if you sit higher up in the stadium.

Any ways the real question, what does a skinny white girl like me wear to the Formation World Tour?  I thought about this since I bought the tickets, I wanted to look good but not be too dressed up.  So I had a lot of options going through my head- should I look really cute with heels, should I wear my new feminism shirt  (reads “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people”), or should I take a more casual approach since the concert is outside?


So I decided to wear this new lace up  top and a pair of classic black skinny jeans.  (I  also want to apologize for the lighting in the picture- I tried to lighten it up a few times and it did not work).  This is a new shirt and I bought it because I loved the laces on the front and I had nothing in my closet like this.  I love that it is lose and kind of just floats around my body.  I paired it with my black skinny jeans for a nice black and white outfit.  I did have a very long debate about the top (ask my sister she can tell you how much I annoyed her). Since the weather was forecasted to storm I didn’t know if I wanted to go for the white shirt.  I did anyways because I really wanted to wear it and my sister pointed out that if the shirt got wet it wouldn’t really show anything more than you can see currently (since I do not wear an undershirt).

I was going to wear the feminism shirt because I thought it would be very appropriate to wear to the Formation World Tour but my sister ended up wearing it and we did not need to be matchy matchy.  I also thought about wearing heels to the concert but I wanted to stand the whole time and dance which heels would not have been conducive to, so I went with sandals.  IMG_20160530_194131

My pop of color was my clutch which you cannot really see in this picture but it is right here.  I love this Fossil clutch, I wasn’t too sure about the color originally because purple is not normally my color.  This is my favorite clutch because on the inside there are credit card slots and 2 pockets- one with a zipper.





Closet Treasure

Hey People!!- So I clean out my closet every so often usually when I have recently bought a lot of clothes or when I run out of hangers to use for my clothes.  This is typically a task because I will be honest I have a lot of clothes.  Now when I do this I try on all of my clothes and think about when was the last time I wore this, does it fit and when/ if I will wear this again and think about if I should give this away.

So in my closet expedition I found these red pants that I bought like 2 years ago and have just never worn.  I don’t know why I did not wear them, but they just never worked their way into my wardrobe.  So when I found these I did not want to give them away since I still really liked them and they fit well still.  I am now determined to work them into my wardrobe and this is how I did that.

So on Saturday I had a house warming party during the day and then going out at night so I decided that I would wear these pants no matter what.  So I went into my closet and figured out what worked well with the red pants in each of these situations.


House warming party –

So I have never been to a house warming party so deciding what to wear to this was especially thoughtful for me.  Any ways I figured I probably should not wear going out clothes but still want to dress up a little in order to be more fancy.  So I wore this tank top which is very loose and comfortable, I wore an undershirt so as not to be too booby and I can tuck the undershirt in to keep the pants up (they were a little big).  I paired it with my chambray shirt and a pair of sandals in order to get the more casual look I was going for.



Going out for a few drinks with friends-

(now to start off to be honest this turned into more than a few drinks with friends). So to dress these pants up I wore it with this amazing new shirt  I have.  It is super soft and comfortable and with the straps on the front adds an extra sexy look and kind of distracts with how low the front V drops.  Now I am kind of a lazy girl and if I can get away with wearing flats I will, as I thought it would only be with a friend I went with the sandals again.  I also love this tucked in because it adds a waist to the outfit and since the shirt is loser it dresses the shirt up.

For referencing on sizing I got a size 6, usually wear S in tops, and it is a little lose but I like that about this shirt.

I also I highly suggest cleaning out your closet and giving away the old clothes to charity

I am in love!!!

Hey Hey Hey! Me again, I know pretty quick turn around but I am so excited I could not wait.  I am in love… with this skirt!   IMG_20160516_203204

It is this amazing blue lace overlaid on a black liner and somehow it is stretchy and fits amazingly well, especially since the waist is a pho leather.  Yes I was concerned the whole day about this skirt snagging and possibly ripping but I guess I will pay that price when I wear it because it is amazing.  As a heads up though when eating crumbs do fall between the lace so remember to shake your butt when you get up.  haha

So where to get it and how much is it? So I got it from Stitch Fix, (I know what do I need stitch fix for?  Personally they send out some cute clothes that I have been unable to find anywhere else.  And my friend got me a gift card for my birthday so I am testing it out, don’t know if I will continue).  As stated these items are hard to find, I have scoured the internet for this exact skirt and was unable to find it.  JC Penney’s does appear to have something similar in a brighter color.


My thoughts on how to wear it- I love wearing pencil skirts to work and having a loser fitting top tucked into it.  The same goes for this skirt but this was a little harder to style due to the color.  Since the skirt is a darker color I suggest wearing it with tops that are in the same color scheme, so like a deeper red or black tops.  My favorite though is pairing it with a white tops and it looks amazing.  I just so happen to own this white top that has black accents like the skirt.

To dress it down I paired it with a graphic tank top and left it un-tucked pair with your favorite sneakers/ toms and it can be the perfect casual day outfit.

Want to go out/ go to a wedding pair it with a crop top, bralette, or just a plain old tight black top tucked in with some high heels and it will look amazing!

Any questions about dressing your amazing pencil skirts up or down feel free to contact me.


THE Professional Bag

Hello Hello Hello- the professional bag, what is it?  Do I need one?  Will that be expensive?  All questions I asked myself when I first entered the professional work place.  I resisted getting one for a very long time and continued to use my cross body purses.  I did eventually get one and am so happy I did.

So what is a professional bag?  I think a professional bag is a bag that has a little bit more structure, is a little larger and has inside pockets to allow for organization.  As I said before I was fairly reluctant because I loved to have a bag with a cross body strap it was just more convenient for me, so when I looked for a bag I focused on ones that had a cross body strap.


Do I need one?  No you do not need one. You can be a professional women and not have a bag like this.  The bag does not make you a professional.  I just found that it was more convenient and easier to have one.  As I realized that this allowed me to tote around more stuff, and have more organization inside my bag.  I love these bags now, I believe that it completes and compliments most of my office outfits.  Typically in summer when I am going to work this is what I use.  It allows me to carry a cardigan inside it in case my office has cranked up the AC, which is all the time.   (In the winter I do lean more towards cross body bags but that is born of living in a cold climate).


And now the important question- will that be expensive?  Yea it can be, if you want a designer bag like Kate Spade then it will cost money even if you go to an outlet.  Now I am going to be very honest, I don’t live that designer handbag life.  Most days I don’t even notice that my friend has a Kate Spade and I do not. So these are my two professional purses, I think they are amazing and would not trade them for designer.  They both cost less than $30, which in purse shopping is amazing. I like to shop at unconventional places for purses and find great deals.

So the top one was actually a gift but I picked it out and sent a link to my sister as what I wanted.  It is from Aldo (the shoe place) when I found it there was a sale of 50% off all purses, so I think it was $30.  That outside front pocket was great for my ID badge and on the inside it was so large and had 4 additional pockets.  As well as the cross body strap that I specifically looked for.


The lower brown one with the quilted pattern, I am in LOVE with.  This is the bag that I am currently using and it is AMAZING, I think that everyone should try this bag.  It looks so good when I am just using the handles but also as a cross body (which the strap is adjustable).  The inside has 3 pockets and then a divider down the middle that organizes the inside of the bag so well.  On the back of this bag there is an outside pocket that is very convenient for an ID badge.  I found this bag on Amazon of all places for $27.99, and there are so many colors some of them are even cheaper.  This is by the designer name Rimen & Co., who I had never heard of but now I love.  This is me in real life loving this bag.  If this bag broke on me I would hands down buy it again because it is that amazing.


What is business casual for women?

I think this is a hard question for most women to answer, especially for women in their mid-twenties.  This is a topic I wanted to cover since I started this blog but I wanted to wait and do it right (also may turn into a series).  I strive to look professional and put together but also able to express my personal style since I wear these clothes the most.  I want to be the person in the office that people want to go shopping with.  I think this is a hard balance to achieve without being frumpy/ matronly or overtly sexy.

Business casual attire is a gift because it is not business professional and there are a lot of ways to express your own personal style within the bounds of business casual.  My work place is business casual but you can get away with a lot without getting in trouble.  My advice for figuring out your office is to watch what other women wear, specifically women who are higher up in the company and gauge your outfits off of them.

I decided to take you through a week in the life of a business casual professional (ME!).   So here we go.


Monday- My Lazy Day

Typically on Monday I struggle to wake up and then its an additional hassle to figure out what to wear.  Usually on Monday I go for easy- this is a really simple outfit. There are only 2 pieces – a dress and a cardigan.  This dress is great for work because it is conservative and comfortable but also a wardrobe stable. This means it can be dressed up any way that I decide.  In the winter/ fall/ spring I pair it with a colored cardigan to give the outfit some color since the dress is grey.  To pull everything together I added a belt, which can be worn around just the dress if that is more comfortable.


Tuesday- about the time I start trying harder

I love this skirt!  It is currently my favorite thing to wear to work or wherever. This skirt is perfect for work because it has the classic A-line look that goes to just below the knees.  This skirt is amazingly comfortable to wear because it fits tightly at the waist but then flares out.  I really like to wear this outfit because the shirt is pristine white and on the front there is shear lose part that makes it more loser and makes the top more conservative and business appropriate.  If you are like me and work at a desk all day sometimes pencil skirts can be uncomfortable to wear while sitting so I love pairing my A-line skirts with any top.




The classic pencil skirt a staple of any business women’s wardrobe.  This is one of my favorite skirts, I probably wear it once a week.  I love it because it has these buttons on the side that really make it extra special and compliment my figure.  The skirt is navy so I treat it as a neutral color and pair it with almost all of my tops.  I paired it with my blanket like cardigan that I love to wear because it is so warm.  This cardigan is awesome and the design is very bold.  I like to wear this piece to give any outfit a pop with this statement cardigan.  This does add a casual feel to the outfit but since the rest of the outfit is very professional it still works out in the business casual work environment.



Thursday- ready for it to be Friday

So I kind of transition back to being lazy on Thursday since it is the last day of the week that I have to dress business casual.  This is a super comfy dress that has a high neckline and goes to just above my knees. This dress does have a bit of a casual vibe so I dress it up with a blazer.  This is my professor blazer it has elbow patches that help the outfit not look too professional.

When I wear dresses that go to just above my knees I do have an internal debate about if it is appropriate for work.  In my office this is appropriate because the main higher up women also wears skirts/ dresses that are this length.

I do think that I got a bit dressy with the belt and necklace it would have looked fine without one of them, but if you removed both the outfit would be a little plain (and super patriotic).


And finally Casual Friday

Now even though it is casual I still want to be appropriate.  This dress is pretty casual on its own and is super lose so I love to wear it on warm days.  It allows me to look like I put in a lot of effort when in reality this dress is super easy and comfortable.  When I was actually at work I do pair it with a cardigan or in this case my chambray shirt.

I would not wear this dress on a business casual day during the week just because the dress has a very casual vibe that even if paired with a blazer wouldn’t work on those days.

Boom that was my week of clothing- I hope it helped give you an idea of how to bring your personal style to work.  As you can probably see from above my favorite colors to wear to work are blue and red.  I feel like adding color to the business wardrobe is essential because otherwise we would all be dressing in black/ grey/ navy and it would be dull.

What to wear to your own Birthday

Hello people- as previously mentioned I had a birthday coming up, it was over the weekend.  Did I have fun? Yes I had a great time going out with friends.  How old am I?  One year old then I was… haha.  One of my friends has the same birthday as me, so we planned a birthday weekend extravaganza.

If everyone in the world is like me, I love to dress up on my birthday and wearing whatever I feel like.   As you can see below I had a real good time.

IMG_20160429_224932  First day of the birthday weekend extravaganza I wore the previously talked about white shirt that needs to be tucked in.  I paired it with my favorite pair of blue blue jeans. I love to rock these when I go out because they fit me so perfectly.  This outfit was kind of already set when I wrote the last post but I did have a long debate about jewelry.

When to add jewelry and when to realize that sometimes there is no need.  I tried on about 5/6 different necklaces with this shirt and none of them quite looked right. The necklaces mostly looked too bulky for the shirt and none fit the neckline right. Then I decided that due to the fancy lace neckline there was no need for a necklace.  I decided big earring will solve this debate.  IMG_20160430_181229

Now I just want to throw a shout out to my favorite pair of heels.  These babies I bought online (of course) from Victoria Secret of all places.  These while the heel is a little intimidating are my most comfortable pair.  As a short person I really strive to wear high heels to get the most height that I can.  I LOVE THESE PUMPS and the 4 extra inches that they give me.

Day 2 of the birthday weekend (after like 8 hours of recovery i.e. laying on my couch)- my friend knew about this drag show fund raiser that was happening at a gay club in town.  (I will suggest going to a drag show because this was a super fun experience).

IMG_20160430_235119So the question- what do you wear to a drag show at a gay club?  Good question – I asked myself this for a week straight when we decided this was what we were going to do.  Since it was a gay club I wasn’t really worried about any weird guys hitting on me so I could really wear what I wanted.

<- So I bought this new bralette with the thought of wearing it under some of my sheer shirts.  But when it came in it was a lot longer then expected.  (Probably because the online photo was of a model wearing it not little old me).  Well anyways I was trying to figure out how to wear it and wanted to wear it this weekend.  So I tucked it into one of my pencil skirts which was a little tough since the bottom of the bralette was barely tucked in. Results- It looks so good, like a dress that you would buy in a store instead of my too long bralette tucked into a skirt.  (As a side note I did wear another demi bra under this barlette just to keep the boobs in place).  I wish it was warmer out when I wore this but I envision myself wearing this barlette again, probably tucked into skirts rather then with jeans.

Anyways what I am saying is on your birthday (or any day) wear what you want and be confident about it.