Am I overdressed?

Hello People- this is a question I constantly ask myself especially since I do not have a roommate and usually end up getting ready on my own.  I usually have an idea about what I want to wear but always wonder if I am going to overdress the situation.

My friend and I got tickets to see Amy Schumer this weekend.  This was also the first day it got up to 80 degrees and be windy.  So my first thought when its that nice is to wear a dress (because I typically do not like women’s short shorts).


This dress is typically one that is always a contender when I am going to a wedding because I can dress it up.  But going to a comedy show I wanted to dress it down.  Typically I like to wear this dress with a belt to define my waist more but belts usually dress up an outfit the opposite of what I wanted to do.

So how do you dress down an outfit?  Add a chambray shirt- which to me is the definition of casual attire.  I usually throw this shirt on in the spring when I am running errands and it is still a little chilly.  As long as you are not wearing jeans this will work to dress down any outfit, with jeans it will just look weird and like you are trying for the Canadian Tuxedo look.

IMG_20160424_194858The accessories – the belt is one of my favorite belts- when I was putting it on when getting dress I put it on inside out and realized I loved the back so it was like getting a whole new belt.

<- this is the actual front of the belt, it is fancier then the back of the belt which is why it worked so much better the way I wore it.

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