The Magic That Is The Tucked Shirt

Hello hello hello- so my birthday is coming up and I have been trying to find something to wear that I like more then anything in my closet.  So I went to this cute boutique in town to see if they had anything.

I found this white tank top and I was not really sure about it in the store.  It is my style, I love the lose tops especially when they are partially sheer top.  I went to the boutique over my lunch and when I tried this on I did not like it and thought it was too big and baggy.  The shirt had so much extra fabric in the front that I thought it was meant to hide my waist.  I loved the style and it was so cute and figured maybe this top just didn’t go with my work casual clothes.  So I bought it anyways with thoughts to try it on with some of my other clothes.  The above was me trying to figure out how to make this shirt work, but still looked rather large.

And then I partially tucked it in and LOVED IT!!!  It brought back my waist and gave me back my figure.

I never wanted to take off this outfit and I immediately wanted to go out for the night and enjoy the outfit.  I was so excited that I made this top work and so well that I loved it.  I am not returning it now

(also I am working on not taking all selfies but I don’t have a roommate so sometimes its tough to convince people to take pics of just me)

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