New Shoes!!


Hello People! – sorry for the hiatus I had a family emergency and needed to be away for a bit.  While I was gone I got a delivery of my new shoes!!  I am pretty excited about them they are so fun and cute.  They made me think of spring and were so cute I had to have them.

So I wore them to work the day after I got them to break them in, it did require a few band aids in order to prevent blisters (thats a most heel kind of thing) but otherwise I lasted the whole day and my feet didn’t hate me when I got home.  I love them to wear to work to brighten up the office building, they are a great pop of color in an otherwise grey world.  So comfy I cannot wait to wear them again, I may even wear them tomorrow.

Later! so almost forgot-they are on sale from Modcloth and run true to size (27.99 including shipping)

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