Workout Clothes

So I spend a significant time of my life in gym clothes but finding comfortable gym clothes (pants in particular) are hard to find.  But when I find great gym clothes I kind of want to wear them all the time.  I will never judge someone for their clothing at the gym because just making it to the gym is a big enough challenge.  Usually when I am at the gym I just want to know where people got their workout pants.

So my extent of matching is this fleece with these pants, and I just happen to be wearing them on the same day.  So as many people will relate to, finding great workout pants that look good, are functional and breathable is hard.  I have found these Fila pants from Kohls and they are Amazing.  Not only do they look good (in my opinion) they are the most comfortable pair that I own.  I loved them so much this is the second pair I bought and I would by another but summer is coming and I am transitioning away from pants to capris. The mesh part wraps around the leg behind the knee which makes them look awesome.  Advice on the pants is they do run small in my opinion so it might take a few tries.

Shirts are much easier to come by then pants, usually I just wear old tank tops from college that I no longer wear in my regular life.  This shirt I bought, bonus points for the people who know its a reference to Gilmore Girls.  Mrs. Patty’s School of Ballet. This is a comfy tank and I wear it all the time, does not ride up and great for working out.



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