Casual Friday

This is the one day that I get to express my style at work (I mean I’m stylish every day but jeans are more comfy then work clothes).  So it got cold again here the last few days so that means boots and sweater weather still.  I love wearing big sweaters with skinny jeans and boots.  These are my current favorite boots, they are ankle boots and as previously stated ankle boots are a new obsession.  I fave worn these boots with jeans tucked in to them but I have found they look better with the jeans cuffed to above the top of the boots.  Even though I am pretty short, I do love how the jeans looked cuffed and they don’t cut my legs off badly.

Big sweaters are the best article of clothing to have in the winter, no only are they warm but they are so comfortable.  This yellow sweater from Express is my favorite sweater that I have bought this year.  It has quarter length sleeves and is warm enough  that you are comfortable but not overly hot, perfect for the cold rainy day we just had here.


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