Casual Friday

This is the one day that I get to express my style at work (I mean I’m stylish every day but jeans are more comfy then work clothes).  So it got cold again here the last few days so that means boots and sweater weather still.  I love wearing big sweaters with skinny jeans and boots.  These are my current favorite boots, they are ankle boots and as previously stated ankle boots are a new obsession.  I fave worn these boots with jeans tucked in to them but I have found they look better with the jeans cuffed to above the top of the boots.  Even though I am pretty short, I do love how the jeans looked cuffed and they don’t cut my legs off badly.

Big sweaters are the best article of clothing to have in the winter, no only are they warm but they are so comfortable.  This yellow sweater from Express is my favorite sweater that I have bought this year.  It has quarter length sleeves and is warm enough  that you are comfortable but not overly hot, perfect for the cold rainy day we just had here.



I LOVE boots!!  This is probably because I was born, raised and currently live in the north.  I am actually kind of sad winter is ending because it means that I am going to have to give up my boots (mostly).  Typically I have only worn knee high boots because I am short and I always thought that ankle boots cut my leg shorter.  I am here to tell you that this is not always the case.

This is a picture of all the boots I bought this boot season, and I love them all.  The middle boots are kind of self explanatory, winter happens.  I love to walk everywhere even in the winter so it is necessary to have water proof shoes and those Sorel boots are amazing.  If you ever need a pair of winter boots I suggest investing in a good pair like these.

The first new boots I bought this season were the brown ones with the fringe.  I bought them online (facebook actually)  and I loved them instantly but when I got them it took me so long to actually wear them.  I thought they were too country and would not look good and they were ankle boots.  I finally wore them and got so many compliments that these were my favorite boots.  I wore them with pants tucked in as well as cuffed to just above the top. The heel is short enough that it will not hurt you feet but still gives you an extra couple inches.  Looked so cute, I am sure I will post pics of me wearing them later.

The most recent boots I bought this season are the light tan ones on the left.  By the time I bought these ankle boots no longer scared me.  I usually wear these when I go out with dark jeans cuffed above the top of them.  These are actually really comfortable (even with a higher heel then expected) and can wear them all day and night which makes me love them even more.

On the last note- I love boots and am sad to see boot season come to an end.



Hello World!!

I have never blogged before so bear with me while I figure it out.  You guys can call me Allie, not my real name but I always wanted to be an Allie so thought I would try it out.  I am just your average Midwestern lazy girl that loves sweat pants as much as any other clothing.

I am starting a blog because I LOVE clothes, and I want to share my style and love of clothes with the world.  I want to help everyone dress better and be more confident in the clothes they feel comfortable in.

I picked the name Good Clothes Open All Doors because my mom gave me a magnet with the saying and it always stuck with.  (And by gave I mean I took it off her filing cabinet and she never noticed so now its mine, haha).  This saying has always meant that great clothes make me feel confident and able to take on the world.

My style is a mix of staples that I can wear all the time with a flare added in.  One of my best friends told me once that my style had a bohemian flare, which at the time I thought was odd because if there was a style I never wanted to be considered it was bohemian.  I have thought about it a a bohemian flare does fit, especially with my jewelry choices.

That is me, I will try to get on here regularly and share my thoughts and style points as well as ideas on where to shop.  I have lofty goals about this so we will see that happens.

Also if you would like to contact me feel free with any questions or if you want advice, I will do my best to respond-